TT Culture

TT strives to find different ways to grow the business while serving its customers. New challenges stimulate innovative thinking with management and employees alike continually expanding their skill base and stretching their capability to meet these challenges.

Successfully developing new ideas and ways of doing things is only possible in a trusting environment. An environment where everyone is prepared to pitch in and help each other get on top of unexpected heavy workloads which are inevitable from time-to-time in every growing business.

TT believes that it will continue to expand and attract new customers regardless of adverse external conditions since the overriding sentiment at TT is that anything is possible. Maintaining customer loyalty is then achieved by delivering quality products in the first instance and by providing customized training and support services thereafter.

TT is built on a genuine, fun culture where a sense of humour balanced by a professionally responsible attitude is a prerequisite for interactive responsiveness to customers and suppliers alike.