805 Pumps and Dispensers

TT manufactures a range of fuel pumps and dispensers approved and suitable for retail and commercial applications.

805 range of pumps and dispensers are built from high quality mechanical, electrical and hydraulic components, which have a proven track record in many applications around the globe. A wealth of different models are available, with a suite of options that allow clients to customise to suit their specific needs. In particular, stainless steel models are available which are ideally suited for marine or harsh environments.

805 UltraHi flow pumps and dispensers deliver product at rates in excess of 160LPM for fast refuelling applications.

801 range of fuel pumps and dispensers is designed specifically for containerised applications where a full size bowser is not appropriate. This range supports the full list of capabilities of the 805.

801 and 805 AdBlue® dispensers are designed specifically for dispensing AdBlue® in both standalone and containerised scenarios.