Driveway Card Acceptors

TT provides a range of Driveway Card Acceptors (DCAs) for outdoor unattended fuel dispensing designed to provide effective fuel management solutions for a range of commercial refuelling facilities such as mining, transport and industrial facilities. The DCAs provide secure unattended control over the issuing of fuel by limiting access to fuel dispensing equipment to approved account-holders. All transactions are recorded and can be transferred to back-office software for sophisticated reporting via a variety of communications networks.

DCAs can be operated as stand-alone sites or can be expanded to multi-site networked systems that are centrally managed from a remote location. All units comply with the international standard for trade measurement (OIML R117) and is approved by the National Standards Commission of Australia.

DCA range features

The TT1000 is designed to control electromechanical pumps which do not support an electronic protocol. The unit can support up to 3 motor starts and pulser inputs.

TT3000 / TT4000 supports all Australian / New Zealand pump protocols and are suited to a variety of applications including mining and marine applications. The TT4000 is supplied with an internal receipt printer.

TT3000MCA is the mobile version of the TT3000. The unit is suitable for mounting on a service vehicle for control of refuelling of fixed plant and other assets such as on a mine site.

TT3000SM provides a passive monitoring solution for recording fuel transactions. This product is particularly suited to management of Commissioned Agents.

TT3600 Customer Authorisation Station (CAS) extends a TT3000 system to provide further points of card authorisation which may be required on a large site or to help meet OH&S requirements.