Other Products

TT also services the market with a number of other products for specific applications.

Automatic Tank Gauging

Automatic Tank Gauging (ATG) is an increasingly important element of fuel management systems. TT provides ATG capability on its range of controllers and links to all popular brands including Veeder Root, OPW and Vega. TT can supply these products as part of a packaged system fully integrated into the fuel management system.

Macnaught Meters

Macnaught is a well-respected name worldwide in flowmeters. With Australian designed and manufactured products, TT is proud to be a distributor of the Macnaught product. The range of Macnaught flowmeters link seamlessly with TT fuel management system and TT uses Macnaught products in product dispensers.

Elaflex Hoses and ZVA Nozzles

Elaflex is the premier name in hoses and nozzles. TT uses Elaflex product exclusively on its range of fuel pumps and dispensers and can also provide parts individually.