Engineering Services

A high proportion of TT's staff is employed in engineering roles and its core competency is product development. Furthermore, the engineering group have spent the majority of their careers within the fuel industry and as such have attained specialised skills in developing products to meet the specific requirements of the industry.

TT has applied its market knowledge and engineering expertise to develop a comprehensive new generation of fuel inventory management products and services for commercial and retail refuelling applications. These include unattended customer access and payment solutions for commercial and retail fuel facilities, forecourt control systems, an electronic control system for fuel dispensing equipment and vehicle identification systems.

TT has in house:
  • Software development and testing environment expertise including system architecture design,
  • Mathematical modelling, algorithm design and large scale data collection, warehousing and analysis expertise
  • Intrinsically safe electronic design and manufacture for hazardous environments and 3D CAD capability
  • Electronics, embedded software and communications systems design expertise
TT is able to offer this engineering expertise to design, build and support custom, total fuel inventory management solutions for a broad range of industries