TT is continually proactive in introducing new technology and providing the infrastructure in place to support it. TT's range of AdBlue® products is a prime example, complying with different metrology and dispensing requirements due to the urea composition and operating temperature range to optimise the emission reduction properties of the product.

TT is continually innovating in the areas of harsh environment to deal with automated dispensing and reliable operation required in climatic conditions varying from humid wet Papua New Guinea to very hot, dry central Australia.

TT's aim is to be able to control and account for any liquid that a client needs to dispense. This goal has required TT to develop intrinsically safe control electronics to cope with hazardous zone requirements in the petroleum industry through to the potentially corrosive qualities of urea used in AdBlue®.

The need to increase measurement accuracy in the dispensing of what is a finite, increasingly expensive resource such as fossil fuel will take TT into technologies that will merge engine management and inventory management, emission control and fuel efficiency and the security and access management needed to automatically dispense and remotely control issuance.